a bludgeoning, pissed-off rager - Brooklyn Vegan
an outraged ripper showcasing their disdain for the two-party system in America. - PASTE
an unapologetic record - LAMBGOAT

Skullpresser is metal influenced hardcore punk from members of Mannequin PussyThe Wonder Years and other Philadelphia bands (Birthday Boy and One Dead Three Wounded). Formed in 2022 and with a demo EP released the next year, Jared Birdeye (vocals), Colins ‘Bear’ Regisford (bass), Michael Kennedy (drums), Sam Tropio (guitar) and Dan Zimmerman (guitar) write fast, heavy and violent songs about human struggle under the oppression of so-called ‘leaders’. Their new release, ‘Positions of Power’, which is out September 6th on Born Losers Records, pushes that sound further and the result is as punishing as it is unrelenting. The message is clear: We are all at risk. Oppression is all too common. Division is a tool.

The aim of this record was to create our most unrelenting and punishing music to date, delivering a forceful message about the struggles and oppression inflicted by the powers that be.



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