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Anthony’s mix of harsh screams and soaring, high-pitched clean vocals stood out from the post-hardcore pack, and the rest of Saosin matched him with inventive, shapeshifting patterns and remarkable musicianship. - Brooklyn Vegan

one of the most wildly popular self-released debuts in recent history - Alt Press

pipe bomb of an EP - Vice
Saosin is an American rock band formed in Orange County, California in 2003 by Beau Burchell, Justin Shekoski, Zach Kennedy, and Anthony Green. The band released their first EP, Translating the Name, in 2003. That year, vocalist Anthony Green left Saosin due to personal reasons, and was replaced by Cove Reber in 2004. With Reber, the group recorded their self titled debut album, released on Capitol Records in 2006.

Their second studio album, In Search of Solid Ground, was released in 2009 on Virgin Records and contains three re-recorded tracks from The Grey EP. In 2010, Reber was dismissed from the band. The band reformed in 2013 with all original members except Kennedy, and began touring. They released Along the Shadow, their third studio album and first studio album with Green, in 2016 through Epitaph Records.

Saosin emerged from the emo and post-hardcore scenes during the early 2000s, and has been regarded for their harmonizing vocals, lead guitar riffs with delays and natural harmonics as a form of creating melodies.
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