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I recorded and produced the EP in my apartment using a collection of software and hardware instruments (mostly software). I wanted to reference different eras of music and use instruments I’ve never used before like flute and sitar. The songs explore themes of betrayal, misunderstanding oneself, defeatism and class anxiety. This is the first official release under Born Losers Records and its due out June 6th, 2024. 

 “Midcalf has crafted a unique pop record that exists within the gaps of the genre’s most prolific stars.” Paste 

“Primer makes incredibly tight, catchy synth pop that feels indestructible.” - Consequence 

Incubator is another attempt at turning heartbreak, trauma, and depression into something beautiful, an emotive combination she’s coined as “abject pop.”... She’s crafted another record full of arena-sized synth pop, new wave, and electro pop.” - Under the Radar 

Incubator finds Alyssa Midcalf reaching epic heights through stadium-sized pop and the emotional unrest to match.”  - Atwood Magazine 

“There’s a sense of triumph surging throughout [Primer’s music]—of finally landing on the other side of heartbreak, of being able to trust yourself, of cutting through the noise.” -Bandcamp

“Yee f*cking haw” -The Needle Drop



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